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We work to address the most critical health priorities.

We are a Health-Tech entity with the aim of supporting the development of neuroscientific research for neurocritical treatment applications through instructive programs in mental health assessment and management. 



Website: www.quantumbrain.institute | Release Date: Q2 of 2021 | Branch Category: Data Science Research

In a world of interconnectivity, QBRI takes advantage of the capacity to access real-time data from various sources and collect it for health-related applications. The QBRI relies on data sources such as the Internet of Things, wearable technology, e-Health Records, and our own platform to create a framework of Big Data to address our current societal challenges in a secure, private and compliant manner.

Our research solutions are internal services conducted by our marvelous Data Science & Medical Staff to gather critical information from its user database. It is a branch of the QBRI that acts as a data harvester and, in conjunction with QBRI Labs, processes and analyzes data in a perfectly secure & private environment which will be, in turn, operated by our software development team at the Q-Social, Q-Consult, Q-Learn, and Q-Insurance branches to optimize our solutions.



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