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We work to address the most critical health priorities.

We are a Health-Tech entity with the aim of supporting the development of neuroscientific research for neurocritical treatment applications through instructive programs in mental health assessment and management. 



Website: www.qbri.care | Release Date: Q3 of 2024 | Branch Category: Social Network

Q-Social is a social media platform where users can interact with each other by posting and sharing content in categorically organized specialized support groups to understand and find help to Mental Health issues caused as effects of COVID-19. In the rise of Mental Health issues determining a new set of challenges to be addressed as a society, QBRI offers solutions to bring common sense and community-making.

Our social solutions are external services developed by our Software Development Staff to provide its users a reliable Mental Health interactive environment, and to a marketplace for Mental Health products and services in the form of a social network. It is a branch of the QBRI that acts as an enabler for social interaction with support groups, a data processer, and, in conjunction with Q-Learn, our online academy dedicated to Mental Health, guides and provides an infrastructure in a perfectly secure & private environment which will be, in turn, analyzed by our research and analytics team at the Q-Research, QBRI Labs, Q-Learn, and Q-Insurance branches to optimize our solutions.




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