In the dynamic landscape of digital health, where innovation holds the promise of transforming mental health solutions using innovative technologies, a new regulatory player has taken center stage in Europe. The Digital Services Act (DSA), enacted by the European Union (EU), seeks to redefine the rules of engagement for companies operating in the online sectors.

QBRI has been nominated for the prestigious 2023 Central European Startup Awards by Global Startup Awards in the Best HealthTech category for our visionary approach toward mental health, fueled by cutting-edge technologies such as social networks, blockchain, and AI.

Health-tracking devices and apps are becoming part of everyday life. More than 300,000 mobile phone applications claim to help with managing diverse personal health issues, from monitoring blood glucose levels to conceiving a child.

One who sleeps like a log throughout the night must be with an uncluttered mind. Sleep plays an integral role in maintaining our sanity as long-time sleep deprivation can lead to serious mental disorders.