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In a world of interconnectivity, QBRI takes advantage of the capacity to access real-time data from various sources and collect it for health-related applications. The QBRI relies on data sources such as the Internet of Things, wearable technology, e-Health Records, and our own platform to create a framework of Big Data to address our current societal challenges in a secure, private and compliant manner.

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The Analytics Laboratory of QBRI mines through enormous amounts of data harvested in a multi-platform environment through decentralized smart contracts that protect the user’s privacy at all times. It helps QBRI to make sense of the input received to enable a more efficient and reliable environment for our development team to embark on accurately reconfiguring our platform to adhere to what our users require most and deliver the proper services.

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    Website: www.qbri.care | Release Date: Q3 of 2024 | Branch Category: Social Network Q-Social is a social media platform where users can interact with each other by posting and sharing content in categorically organized specialized support groups to understand and find help to Mental Health issues caused as effects of COVID-19. In the rise of […]

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QBRI’s online learning solutions are offered as a complimentary service to Quantum Social with the objective of enabling the community to master Mental Health assessment and management tools and become certified as they complete the educational programs within the platform.

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Teleconsultation services with registered Mental Health professionals that enable online booking, online prescription delivery, and submission to the e-Health service.

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QBRI’s medical insurance solutions are provided to all Q-Consult users as a way to financially support their Mental Health needs amidst the pandemic.